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This forum is designated for the most in depth 2009 NFL Mock draft on the internet. Salary cap, free agents, draft picks, franchise tags etc. You always thought you could do a better job than your favorate team......NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO PROVE IT!!!!

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    Redskins plan for slow offseason


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    Redskins plan for slow offseason Empty Redskins plan for slow offseason

    Post  MEDIA Fri Feb 06, 2009 7:09 pm

    The media recently caught up with the Washington Redskins to see what their offseason plans are. After a long search, we finally got a hold of the young Washington coach sipping back some Margaritas enjoying his few days of rest before he begins tackling the offseason. We've been informed that the Redskins are very happy with the core group of players they have and because of the few free agents leaving, they see little need to "break the bank" in free agency.

    The Redskins have been known recently for overpaying for veteran players and trading away draft picks. This has led to some recent salary cap issues, which the team feels they are finally past. One veteran that could be seeing his way out is veteran DE Jason Taylor. Taylor was traded from Miami to Washington last offseason and battled injuries all season. Another veteran that may have overstayed his welcome is defensive back Fred Smoot. Smoot had a decent season, but the Redskins draft position puts them in a great spot to place another stud CB next to the young Carlos Rogers.

    Taylor and Smoot wasn't available for comment on these alligations, but we hope to hear from them soon.

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    Redskins plan for slow offseason Empty Re: Redskins plan for slow offseason

    Post  jreev Mon Feb 23, 2009 11:51 pm

    i take offense to this i plan on deystroying the bank:)

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