This forum is designated for the most in depth 2009 NFL Mock draft on the internet. Salary cap, free agents, draft picks, franchise tags etc. You always thought you could do a better job than your favorate team......NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO PROVE IT!!!!

    Rules and Procedures of the Game: PLEASE READ



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    Rules and Procedures of the Game: PLEASE READ

    Post  Admin on Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:32 am

    First, let me say that this is not the first mock draft that ANY of our administrators have participated in, so we are nowhere close to rookies at this. However, this is the most in depth mock draft that we have ever attempted with the most attendants as well; so please cut us a little slack and please realize that we are always making a full attempt to keep everything as fun and fair for everyone. Now let's get to the rules and procedures.

    1.) This forum is created for die-hard football fans, most of which are adults or at least old enough to understand adult concepts. I am not going to say that cussing is not allowed, because if I said that nobody would join! Let's all be adults and respectable to each other though, enough complaints from somebody about a particular person is reason for expulsion from the site.
    2.) Administrators have final say on every major decision about the mock draft. This includes any major decisions regarding free agency, procedures, etc. Usually we will ask for everyone's insight if the administrators are split on a decision.
    3.) If you can't follow these two basic rules, please don't sign up! I don't believe we are asking for an arm and a leg, and we are putting A LOT of time and effort into this so please don't make us fork over tons of money to Advil for headache medicine. Thanks.


    1.) Draft Picks: At the start of the game, every team will be given the exact matching picks in the 2009 NFL draft to the team they are representing. (Ex: Lions #1 overall etc.) Once every team is represented, we will make an announcement letting you know when trades and etc. can begin. From that moment, any transactions that happen in "real life" will have ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT on what picks/players you trade. (Ex: If you are representing the Browns, and in real life the Browns trade for Peyton Manning...you DO NOT get Peyton Manning) From the start of the game, you control every move.

    2.) Free Agency: In the category "NFL Offseason Information" you will find a list of all free agents. To submit an offer to an unrestricted free agent, you will need to send a PM to the member FREEAGENT. In that PM you will need to follow the following format to successfully submit the contract offer:
    Title of PM: Player Name has received an offer from Team Name
    Body of PM:
    *First, submit the numbers. Let us know how much money you are offering and over how many years.
    *Next, convince us! In the NFL, you don't just throw money at someone without talking to them. You need to convince us why you are the team for us. A good recruit letter could be key to signing that big ticket free agent.
    -PMs to FREEAGENT that do not follow this format will not be looked at.
    -A free agency beginning time will be announced that will let you know when you can begin signing free agents.
    -Restricted Free Agents: To sign a Restricted Free Agent (RFA), go to that player's current team forum. There you will find a stickied topic titled "Teams RFAs". There you will post your contract offer for one of their RFAs. If the restricted free agent's current team decides to match your offer, that player stays there. However, if the current team decides to not match, the player is traded to the new team and the new team has to give up the compensatory RFA picks designated to that player.

    All teams with RFAs need to post there tender BEFORE free Agency starts for each player of theres (that is a RFA). The list of different tender levels is posted in your teams RFA thread.

    3.) Trades: You are free to roam throughout each teams forum to look at their trade block, team needs and trade options. Contact each team's representatives through either PMs or leaving them comments on their team forum. From there it is up to you! You can trade picks (from THIS draft only) and players, or a combination of both. To finalize a trade, both team owners (or at least a staff member) must send a PM to the user: FINALTRADE. If we have not heard from both teams that the trade is okay, then the trade will not go through!! Once a trade is properly finalized, we will post the trade in the forums. There will be specified trade starting time, which will allow all teams to settle into their roles and develop "game plans". Once the date is announced, let the trades begin!

    4.) Salary Caps: Each team's salary cap is listed in the "information" forum. It would be very wise to copy/paste your team's salary cap into your teams forum. This is the amount of money you have to work with and no more; you are NOT allowed to go over the salary cap. Cutting players is a way to gain extra salary cap space, along with trading away players with high salaries. *Salary cap hits for trades cannot be calculated and hence will not be kept track of*

    5.)Offering Salaries: We have to keep this somewhat simple because there is going to be a handful of administrators filtering through hundreds (who knows, maybe thousands) of contract offers for players. Needless to say we will not have time to calculate and figure signing bonuses, incentives, guaranteed money, etc. So, the only way we can do this is you offer X amount of dollars over Y number of years. Then, X will be divided evenly over the Y number of years. (Ex: You offer TJ Houshmandzadeh $40,000,000 over 4 seasons. You lose $10,000,000 from your salary cap because 40/4=10)

    6.) Compensatory Picks: As soon as we know which teams will be recieving compensatory picks, we will distribute them to each team. For those who do not know, COMP picks CANNOT be traded.

    7.) Staff: It is up to you on how much staff you need for your team. If you think you can handle the load by yourself, then by all means have at it. However, we will make a few suggestions that will make things much easier and also much more fun.
    - Owner...duh.
    - Financial Advisor (to keep track of salary cap and make sure you don't go over)
    - Draft Scouts (there are 270 picks in the NFL, how well will you know the players?)
    - Team GMs/Coaches (work up trades, scout players etc.)
    - Head of communications (try to keep tabs on opponents moves and stay ahead of the game, help w/trades)


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    Free Agency Advisors:

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