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    Order of Draft Picks (Rounds 1-7)


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    Order of Draft Picks (Rounds 1-7)

    Post  zach8111 on Thu Feb 05, 2009 6:49 pm

    1 Detroit Lions
    2 St. Louis Rams
    3 Kansas City Chiefs
    4 Seattle Seahawks
    5 Cleveland Browns
    6 Cincinnati Bengals
    7 Oakland Raiders
    8 Jacksonville Jaguars
    9 Green Bay Packers
    10 San Francisco 49ers
    11 Buffalo Bills
    12 Denver Broncos
    13 Washington Redskins
    14 New Orleans Saints
    15 Houston Texans
    16 San Diego Chargers
    17 New York Jets
    18 Chicago Bears
    19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    20 Detroit Lions(from Dallas Cowboys)...Dallas traded 2009 1st, 3rd & 6th to Detroit for WR Roy Williams & 2010 7th
    21 Philadelphia Eagles
    22 Minnesota Vikings
    23 New England Patriots
    24 Atlanta Falcons
    25 Miami Dolphins
    26 Baltimore Ravens
    27 Indianapolis Colts
    28 Philadelphia Eagles(from Carolina Panthers)...Panthers traded 2009 1st, 2008 2nd & 2008 4th to Eagles for 2008 1st
    29 New York Giants
    30 Tennessee Titans
    31 Arizona Cardinals
    32 Pittsburgh Steelers

    33 Detroit Lions
    34 Kansas City Chiefs
    35 St. Louis Rams
    36 Cleveland Browns
    37 Seattle Seahawks
    38 Cincinnati Bengals
    39 Jacksonville Jaguars
    40 Oakland Raiders
    41 Green Bay Packers
    42 Buffalo Bills
    43 San Francisco 49ers
    44 Miami Dolphins (form Washington Redskins)...Washington traded 2009 2nd & 2010 6th to Miami for DE Jason Taylor.
    45 New York Giants (from New Orleans Saints)...Saints traded 2009 2nd & 5th to the Giants for TE Jeremy Shockey. [1-Read below for more about trade]
    46 Houston Texans
    47 New England Patriots (form San Diego Chargers)...SD traded its 2009 2nd & 2008 5th pick for NE's 2008 3rd
    48 Denver Broncos
    49 Chicago Bears
    50 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    51 Dallas Cowboys
    52 New York Jets
    53 Philadelphia Eagles
    54 Minnesota Vikings
    55 Atlanta Falcons
    56 Miami Dolphins
    57 Baltimore Ravens
    58 New England Patriots
    59 Carolina Panthers
    60 New York Giants
    61 Indianapolis Colts
    62 Tennessee Titans
    63 Arizona Cardinals
    64 Pittsburgh Steelers

    65 Detroit Lions
    66 St. Louis Rams
    67 Kansas City Chiefs
    68 Seattle Seahawks
    69 Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland Browns)...Cleveland traded 2009 3rd to Dallas for 2008 4th
    70 Cincinnati Bengals
    71 Oakland Raiders
    72 Jacksonville Jaguars
    73 Green Bay Packers
    74 San Francisco 49ers
    75 Buffalo Bills
    76 New York Jets (from New Orleans Saints)...New Orleans traded 2009 3rd to the Jets for LB Jonathan Vilma. [3-Read below for more about trade]
    77 Houston Texans
    78 San Diego Chargers
    79 Denver Broncos
    80 Washington Redskins
    81 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    82 Detroit Lions (from Dallas Cowboys)...Dallas traded 2009 1st, 3rd & 6th to Detroit for WR Roy Williams & 2010 7th
    83 Green Bay Pakers (from New York Jets)...Jets traded a 2009 3rd to Green Bay for QB Brett Favre. [2-Read below for more about trade]
    84 Chicago Bears
    85 Philadelphia Eagles
    86 Minnesota Vikings
    87 Miami Dolphins
    88 Baltimore Ravens
    89 New England Patriots
    90 Atlanta Falcons
    91 New York Giants
    92 Indianapolis Colts
    93 Carolina Panthers
    94 Tennessee Titans
    95 Arizona Cardinals
    96 Pittsburgh Steelers

    97 Dallas Cowboys (from Detroit Lions)...Lions traded 2009 4th & and 2008 3rd to Dallas for 2008 3rd
    98 Kansas City Chiefs
    99 St. Louis Rams
    100 Cleveland Browns
    101 Seattle Seahawks
    102 Cincinnati Bengals
    103 Jacksonville Jaguars
    104 Oakland Raiders
    105 Green Bay Packers
    106 Buffalo Bills
    107 San Francisco 49ers
    108 Houston Texans
    109 San Diego Chargers
    110 Denver Broncos
    111 New York Jets (from Washington Redskins)...Redskins traded 2009 4th to the Jets for OG Pete Kendall prior to the 2007 season.
    112 New Orleans Saints
    113 Dallas Cowboys
    114 New York Jets
    115 Chicago Bears
    116 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    117 Philadelphia Eagles
    118 Minnesota Vikings
    119 Baltimore Ravens
    120 New England Patriots
    121 Atlanta Falcons
    122 Miami Dolphins
    123 Indianapolis Colts
    124 Carolina Panthers
    125 New York Giants
    126 Tennessee Titans
    127 Arizona Cardinals
    128 Pittsburgh Steelers

    129 Detroit Lions
    130 St. Louis Rams
    131 Kansas City Chiefs
    132 Denver Broncos (form Seattle Seahawks)...Seattle traded 2009 5th to Denver for WR Keary Colbert.
    133 Philadelphia Eagles (from Cleveland Browns)...Browns traded 2009 5th to Philadelphia for Eagles 2008 6th
    134 Cincinnati Bengals
    135 Atlanta Falcons (from Oakland Raiders)...Raiders traded 2009 5th & 2008 2nd to Atlanta for CB DeAngelo Hall.
    136 Jacksonville Jaguars
    137 Green Bay Packers
    138 San Francisco 49ers
    139 Buffalo Bills
    140 San Diego Chargers
    141 Denver Broncos
    142 Washington Redskins
    143 New York Giants (from New Orleans Saints)...Saints traded 2009 2nd & 5th to the Giants for TE Jeremy Shockey. [1-Read below for more about trade]
    144 Houston Texans
    145 New York Jets
    146 Chicago Bears
    147 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    148 Dallas Cowboys
    149 Philadelphia Eagles
    150 Minnesota Vikings
    151 New England Patriots
    152 Atlanta Falcons
    153 Miami Dolphins
    154 Baltimore Ravens
    155 Carolina Panthers
    156 New York Giants
    157 Indianapolis Colts
    158 Dallas Cowboys (form Tennessee Titans)...Cowboys get 2009 5th to the Titans for CB Adam Jones getting suspended.[5-Read below for more about trade]
    159 Arizona Cardinals
    160 Pittsburgh Steelers

    161 Detroit Lions
    162 Kansas City Chiefs
    163 St. Louis Rams
    164 Cleveland Browns
    165 Seattle Seahawks
    166 Cincinnati Bengals
    167 Jacksonville Jaguars
    168 Oakland Raiders
    169 Green Bay Packers
    170 Buffalo Bills
    171 San Francisco 49ers
    172 Denver Broncos
    173 Washington Redskins
    174 Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans Saints)... Saints traded 2009 6th to Green Bay for Green Bay's 2008 7th
    175 Houston Texans
    176 San Diego Chargers
    177 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Chicago Bears)...Chicago traded its 2009 6th to Tampa Bay for OG Dan Buenning.
    178 Chicago Bears (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)...Tampa Bay traded its 2009 6th to Chicago for QB Brian Griese.
    179 Detroit Lions (from Dallas Cowboys)...Dallas traded 2009 1st, 3rd & 6th to Detroit for WR Roy Williams & 2010 7th
    180 New York Jets
    181 Philadelphia Eagles
    182 Philadelphia Eagles (from Minnesota Vikings)...Minnesota traded 2009 6th to Philadelphia for QB Kelly Holcomb.
    183 Atlanta Falcons
    184 Dallas Cowboys (from Miami Dolphins)...Miami traded 2009 6th and 2008 7th to Dallas for DT Jason Ferguson and Dallas' 2008 6th
    185 Baltimore Ravens
    186 New England Patriots
    187 New York Giants
    188 Indianapolis Colts
    189 Carolina Panthers
    190 Tennessee Titans
    191 Arizona Cardinals
    192 Pittsburgh Steelers

    193 Detroit Lions
    194 St. Louis Rams
    195 Kansas City Chiefs
    196 Seattle Seahawks
    197 Miami Dolphins (from Cleveland Browns)...Cleveland traded 2009 7th to Miami for CB Travis Daniels.
    198 Cincinnati Bengals
    199 Oakland Raiders
    200 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Jacksonville Jaguars)...Jacksonville traded 2009 7th, 2008 2nd & 2008 5th to Tampa Bay for Tampa Bay's 2008 2nd
    201 Green Bay Packers
    202 San Francisco 49ers
    203 Buffalo Bills
    204 Minnesota Vikings (from Washington Redskins)...Washington traded 2009 7th to Minnesota for DE Erasmus James.
    205 New Orleans Saints
    206 Houston Texans
    207 San Diego Chargers
    208 Denver Broncos
    209 Pittsburgh Steelers (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)...Tampa Bay traded 2009 7th to Pittsburgh for OL Sean Mahan.
    210 Dallas Cowboys
    211 New York Jets
    212 Chicago Bears
    213 Philadelphia Eagles
    214 Minnesota Vikings
    215 Miami Dolphins
    216 Baltimore Ravens
    217 New England Patriots
    218 Atlanta Falcons
    219 Indianapolis Colts
    220 Miami Dolphins (from Carolina Panthers)...Carolina traded 2009 7th to Miami for QB Josh McCown
    221 New York Giants
    222 Tennessee Titans
    223 Arizona Cardinals
    224 Pittsburgh Steelers

    Trade Clauses and Information about 2009 trades
    [1]Saints 2nd to Giants-If the Saints re-sign LB Jonathan Vilma before free agency begins on February 27, 2009, however, they would owe that second-round selection to the New York Jets, in which case the Giants instead would receive the Saints' first-round selection. See Jonathan Vilma trade below.
    [2]Jets 3rd to Packers-The selection became a third-round selection because Favre took the majority of the team's snaps at quarterback. This selection would have become a second- or first-round selection had Favre led the Jets to the playoffs.
    [3]Saints trade 3rd to JetsThat selection rose from the fourth round because of Vilma's playing time in 2008. If the Saints re-sign Vilma before free agency begins on February 27, 2009, then the Saints would owe the Jets a second-round selection. The Saints have traded that second-round selection to the New York Giants as part of the Jeremy Shockey trade, however, so the Giants instead would get the Saints' first-round choice. Because of this, the Saints reportedly will wait until Vilma is a free agent to re-sign him.
    [4]Jets trade 4th to WashingtonThe selection changed from a fifth-round selection in 2008 because Kendall played 80 percent of the snaps for the Redskins in 2007.
    [4]Dallas gets 5th from TitansThe suspension of CB Pacman Jones on October 15, 2008 triggered a clause in his trade agreement that required Tennessee to give Dallas its fifth-round selection. Had Jones not been suspended, Dallas would have owed Tennessee a sixth-round selection.


    * Atlanta to Denver. Atlanta traded a seventh-round selection to Denver in return for cornerback Dominique Foxworth. The selection can rise based on playing time.
    * Baltimore to Tampa Bay. Baltimore traded a late-round selection in 2009 as well as a conditional selection in 2010 to Tampa Bay for defensive end Marques Douglas.


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